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 लिख भी लेते है

TV Scrips


Story of two young lovers named Swar and Bansi.


They like each other, but somehow they can't match each other's energy.


Bansi is good with everything, she is confident. But this guy Swar always fails to do what Bansi challenges to do.


There will be multiple events like Bansi crossing a bridge made of a single plank. But Swar hesitate and stays back.


Bansi climbs a tree. But when Swar tries it, he gets down halfway.


One day She builds a house of cards. And Swar also tries to make, but he fails.


Swar always feels sad because he can't match the personality the way Bansi is. But Bansi never leaves him, She always tries to encourage him.


One day they both meet. And Bansi have brought a flute. And She says “Gaao!” He tries to Sing. But couldn't complete it.


As she was aware of it from their past experiences.


She hands over her phone. We see the interface of the PaDhaNiSa App.


Now Swar have started practicing on that app


After a few days, they both meet again and jam together and for the first time, Swar and Bansi are doing something good together.



Aapki aavaz ke liye sooron ka saathi.

Learn to Sing with PaDhaNiSa App.

Your Personal Singing Teacher

Aapka Gaana

In an afternoon of winters, two grandchildren are sitting with their daadi and discussing about old bolywood songs.


As we enter in the middle of the conversation.


Boy (Grandson): Accha Dadi ye batao ye song kiska hai??

He tries to sing very badly but sings. “Pukaarta Chala Hun main..”

Daadi Answers: Mohammed Rafi. And she smiles..


Girl(Granddaughter): Abhi Ye batao (Even she tries to sing but ends up singing very badly) Chupke Chupke Raat Din…


Dadi Answers: Ghulam Ali


Then Again Boy asks: Aaa chalke tuzee main leke chalu


Dadi Starts smiling by closing her eyes and in her own thoughts while listening to that bad singer.

Dadi: Ye gaana Surindar Sharma ji ka hai.


Both the kids Shouts: Noooooo.. Wrong daadi!

Kishor Kumar


Daadi: nahi Ye gaana Surindar Sharma ka hi hai. Tumhare daada ka.


Girl: Aisa Kaise?


Daadi: (We can show a flashback of younger self of daada and Daadi) Dadi says… Kyon ki tumhare dada ne ye gaana mere liye sikha tha. Aur unka harr ek soor dil ko choo jata tha. Tumhari taraha nahi. She laughs. Wo itna sahi se gaate the toh muze kabhi laga hi nahi ki wo gaana Kishor Kumar ji ka tha. Wo hamesha se unka hi tha.

Agar koi gaana soor ke sath gao ge toh wo tumhara bann jaega.


PaDhaNiSa App aapki aavaj ko sahi soor sikhata hai.
Aur soor sahi ho to woh gaana aapka.

Nami Ki Kami

Wife is trying to sleep and is restless.

Her husband notices it. He looks at AC if it's working or not. Then he caresses her. She is still restless.


He gets up and brings a bucket of water and pours on her.


She wakes up and looks at her husband.


And says.


“Jaanu, Agar tum na hote, toh Kya hota life main?”

And then she sleeps peacefully.



“Inke Pyaar main koi kami nahi hai.

Aur inke ghar ki hava main Nami nahi hai.


Inhe chahie Symphony Air-Coolers.

Jo de Thindiiii hava Par Nami ke saath”


Product Demo









Office staff enters the room with the tray carrying Glass and the jug of water.


He notices that the boss is scolding on his employees.


The Staff is shivering. And Asks

“Saab! Paani?”


Boss nods and says yes with angry face.

The Servant Pours the whole jug on his head.

Boss looks at him


And says.

“Raamu, Sirf tum hi is company shaan ho”



“Raamu ke kaam main koi kami nahi hai.

Aur inke office ki hava main Nami nahi hai.


Inhe chahie Symphony Air-Coolers.

Jo de Thindiiii hava Par Nami ke saath”


Product Demo





We see the mother is requesting the examiner to enter the classroom and meet her son.


After requesting many times the examiner let her enter the exam hall.


She hands over one pen and one picture of a god and as she pulls out one water bottle we see tears in his sons eyes.


She quickly pours the whole bottle over his head.


Examiner Starts crying and says

“Yeh hota hai ek Maa ka Pyaar”



“Maa ke Pyaar main koi kami nahi hai.

Aur inke School ki hava main Nami nahi hai.


Inhe chahie Symphony Air-Coolers.

Jo de Thindiiii hava Par Nami ke saath”


Pyaase ko paani (Man drinking water on a sunny busy street)


Sukhe ko Paani (Street vendor sprinkling water on the veggies on his stall)


Baarish Bhi paani (Rain on Dry Farmland)


Matang ko paani (Huge elephant bathing)


Aur Patangon ko bhi paani (Small Sparrow Bathing)


Shaai bhi paani (Closeup of writing on paper with ink pen)

Agar Padhlo toh Aankhon main bhi paani (A tear drop on cheeks)


Jale toh Paani (Man throwing bucket of water on fire)


Dil Jale ko bhi paani (Girl splashing water on her crying face)


Jo Jalte Suraj ko Bhi dhak sake wo bhi Paani (Black clouds Covering the sun)


Agar ye paani naa ho (The same man from the first frame Walking in the summer heat)




Ye Paani ki Nami na ho (Tired man sits in front of the Air Cooler)


toh ye duniya rukhi sukhi hai (We see him gradually relax and a smile comes on his face)


Iss Nami ki Kami durr hogi Symphony Air coolers ke sath. (Product Demo)

Paani 2

Grandfather is picking up his grand-daughter from school in the afternoon.


Girl sees a man throwing water on the road in front of his shop



Ye paani kyu daal rahe hai?


Dadu says chalo aaj chal chal ke ghar jaate hai.


Girl nods and says yes.


Daadu Points out:

Wo dekho, paani Hare ko hara rakhta hai (Street vendor sprinkling water on the veggies on his stall)


Bade ko bhi (man throwing water on an elephant)


Aur chote ko bhi Accha lagta hai (Small Sparrow Bathing)


Ye paani Aag bhi bujhata hai (Man throwing bucket of water on fire)


Ye paani ke baadal Jalte Suraj ko Bhi dhakte hai (Black clouds Covering the sun)


(Both Enters their home and girl is tired and sweating) Daadu Main Thak gai

(As girl opens her water bottle and tries to pour water on her head, Daadu stops her, Lift her up and makes her sit on a chair in front of the cooler. As Cooler starts)


Daaduuu!! Ismain bhi paani wali Nami hai.

(Product Demo)


Film opens with two characters. One is Alia and her sister facing each other. Alia is staring at her sister. As her sister is holding her jaw and she is in pain. Alia is staring

at her very confused and in a way with funny expressions. And

asks her

“Gum problems?
Main ek expert solution du?”


Sister replies in irritated expressions

“Nahiii… Wo mummy ne…”


And suddenly Alia interrupts her and takes an avatar of her

mother/mummy. And starts acting like her, while hugging her and says:

“Mummy bolegi “Laung ka tel ragad lo baccha!”

Then suddenly she sits on one recliner chair and starts

talking like a daadi

“Meri maan, namak ka manjan sab se accha!”

After that Alia starts acting like a maid. While doing safai ka kaam

and she says

“Didi…Gaon ke ped ki tulsi ka patta…”


Then She becoms Khadoos Padosan, and says

“hamare yaha toh sage ke patte kaam karte hai”


This everything happens so fast and then Alia comes back to her usual self, a little tired, She sits on a couch in front of her sister. She releases her breath and says.

“Aise duniya bhar ke Nuskhe ek taraf… aur 18 jadibootiyo wala expert ek taraf!

Jo Bleeding, swelling jaise gum problems ko rakhe door. Aur Daanton ko Rakhe Healthy.

Vicco Vajradanti - India ka gum expert!


So mooh so nuskhe. But you need one Expert.

Isolation main nahi. Expert use karo!
Sirf nuskhe nahi. Expert use karo.


The film opens in an Indian wedding house. The bride is all

dressed up but sad, resting her face on her palm and sitting

in the middle of the room. And everybody around her/her family

members are searching for something. We can see it’s a panic

situation. And Alia (her friend) enters the room.


Alia Asks

“Kya Hua Siya?”


Siya Shows her ring finger. And with a very sad face says…

“Ring ka Diamond Gir Gaya.”


Just then, her little brother brings the diamond and says

“Mill Gayaaaaa!!!”


Everyone around her gets relaxed and starts smiling


Siya is still sad and holding her face in the same position.

Alia Asks

“Abb kya hua???”


Siya replies

“Masoodon main Sujan hai!”

Alia Says

“Ring Loose ho gai thi, Tumne ignore kia... Aur Heera Kho Gaya.


Aaj swollen gums ignore karogi… toh kal Daant Kho baithogi”


Expert ki maano!

Aaj se Vicco Vajradanti Use karo!


Iski 18 jadibootiyaan Bleeding, Swelling Jaise gum problems ko

rakhe duur. Aur daant rakhe healthy”


Vicco Vajradanti

India Ka Gum Expert


Treatment Reference Video:


It's a busy start of a day in the town side of Mumbai. Or maybe the streets of Bandra. We see Alia walking towards the camera on the footpath. As she puts her first steps she notices a small 4 year old is walking with his mother stumbles and falls.


That kid is about to start crying but his mother prompts him and says “Kuch nahi hua beta! Chalo!”


Alia is still walking towards the camera and starts talking after noticing that incident. And says…

“Shuru se sikhaya gaya hai ‘Kuch nahi hua’


Ghootno ki chot se lekar dil ki chot tak

We see a young couple fighting on the side of the street while Alia is walking by.


“Kuch nahi hua.” Alia Smiles


We see a young handicapped girl running with an Artificial leg pass beside Alia. Alia looks at her and says

“Tough rehana bhi zaroori hai


Par ye problems baar baar ho rahe ho toh?


We see one man coming out of a dental clinic with cotton inside his mouth. Alia and this man see each other just like strangers. Alia looks back to the camera while walking and says
Jaise ki Gum Problems


Chotisi baat na?


Ye problems aage jaake Heart, Kidney, Diabetes, Dementia jaisi beemarion ko nyota de sakte hai

Kuch nahi hua ki aadat matt daalo.

Vicco Vajradanti Apnaao

India ka Ek Expert Solution on Gum Problems


jo Bleeding, Swelling Jaisi gum problems ko rakhe duur.

Aur Aapko, aur aapke daaton ko rakhe healthy”


Vicco Vajradanti. India Ka Gum Expert.

Alo Frut

Drink it


The film opens on a remote island like a castaway movie scene.


We see two young people waking up after a plane crash

One of them is Japanese and the other one is Italian.


They taste the salt water and spit.


They look around there is nothing to eat on that island.


Italian man starts crying because there is no food and water


Japanese finds a crate of Alo Frut packs. He offers one to the Italian. And Says Drink Eat! (Italian take is is ‘Drink it’)


He shows the action of Drinking and Eating but the Italian guy also starts talking in his language and their particular Italian actions. Situation gets panic


Calm and composed Japanese loses his control and hits the Italian on his head, he faints and the Japanese screams at him and shows him how to drink Alo Frut by shaking, sipping, and Chewing.


Drinkkkkkk Eatttttt!

(Product Demo)


In the mountains, A group of trekkers are walking ahead and we see these two, a Girl and Boy walking behind, and Suddenly girl Start talking.


Girl: Soch lo!

Tumhe pata nahi tumhara pala kisse pada hai.


Main bakiyon ki taraha nahi hu.


Muze toh chai bhi nahi aati thik se banani.


Aur jisse Chai nahi aati, toh cooking ka sochna bhi matt.


Nahi aata muze family get-togethers main hi hello pairi pauna karna.


Aur haan, Get-togethers se yaad aya, Family ko milaoge toh bann thannke jana padega?


Toh makeup aaya.


Bohot Zhanzat ka kaam hai wo. Nahi aata muze Pahale ye lagao bad main wo. Muze toh naam bhi nahi pata kisse kya bolte hai. (She Awkwardly Laughs)


Main toh bhai


Aisi hi hu,


Rahungi aur




Boy Smiles Looking at her. Interrupts, and Says


Tumhe kaha jarurat Makeup ki? Tum toh Effortlessly beautiful ho!


Girl Blushes


Application Shot - With the VO of 3 benefits


On a Sunday Morning time. We see one 5-year-old girl is playing with her doll in the living room. As we go close to her we can see, she is applying some makeup on her doll’s face. We can see her childish skills in her application of makeup on the doll’s face.


The doorbell rings and her elder sister opens the door.

And one beautiful friend of hers enters the house and hugs her.

Elder Sister: “Hey… Long time. Finally, we met.”


This Small girl is just staring at her for some time from the moment she enters. And she looks back to her doll. And again she look at her.


Then The guest/Beautiful Girl comes near the small girl and ask : “Hi Sweeetoo!! Yeh tum kya kar rahi ho?”


While Small girl is wiping off the makeup, she applied on her doll a moment ago and Replies: “Main Isse bhi aapki taraha Beautiful bana rahi hun”


Then the elder sister also joins the two and adds. “At least isse toh batado tumhari natural beauty ka raaz!”


Everyone Laughs…


Application Shot

V.O. Whitone Daily Cream Jo de Gulabi Nikhar, Even Tone and Fresh Look.


Log Kahengey… Natural Beauty.

Moi Virundhu

Tamil Month of Aani Aadi and Aavani (Mid June to mid-September)

Approach one: Preparing for Moi Virundhu - Announcement

Approach Two: The After effect of Moi Virundhu


The Script: Approach Two

Local Tamil friends meet each other in a bank.

One with heaps of notes and another with few thousands.

Man with Lesser money:
Anna!!! Mera Khana aapse better tha. Live Music tha. Souvenir Bhi Tha. Sab Mazedaar tha. Par Kisine Kaana Nahi khaya.


Man with Lots of money slides up his glasses with style. And says

Kisiko batana matt! India main 50% logon ko Bleeding, Swelling jaise Gum Problems hai (he removes vicco trial pack from his white shirt’s pocket) Maine invite ke saath 18 Jadibootiyon wala Vicco Vajradanti diya. Yeh toothpaste mazedaar nahi Asardaar hai.

Mera Log Gums Mazboot Banake aaya Dabaake Khana Khaya And Ye Dekh.

Gum Health is Wealth

Vicco Vajradanti.

India Ka Gum Expert


In College. Recess time. In Classroom.


Three Senior girls enter the classroom and everybody becomes silent. These three girls are the raggers of the college.


One junior girl is sitting in a classroom on a front bench.


They stand in front of her in attitude.


That one junior looks at them and feels a little scared.


One of the Senior Demands. “Apna phone de!”


Junior hands over the phone with shivering hands.


These three seniors start taking selfies with her phone.


After three-four attempts One of the three says “Bola tha na, Ye uska phone Nahi, ye natural beauty hi hai”


Whole class smiles even the Junior.


Application Shot

V.O. Whitone Daily Cream Jo de Gulabi Nikhar, Even Tone and Fresh Look.


Log Kahengey… Natural Beauty.


From inside out closeup shot of Alia sitting in a train window.

And as train is runnig, it halts at every station at every stanza of the above song

Zook Zook Zook Zook
Zook Zook Zook Zook

Ye lo gaadi chali hamari
Kashmir se kanya kumari

Chehare dekhe baari baari
Ye lo gaadi chali hamari

Zook Zook Zook Zook
Zook Zook Zook Zook

Har chehara khaas hai
Par har dusraa udaas hai.

Jaano unki kismat kaha maari
Ye lo gaadi chali hamari

Zook Zook Zook Zook
Zook Zook Zook Zook

Kismat nahi, yeh masoodhe hai
Kuch Sooze kuch loole hai

Kar li hongi tarkeebe saari
Par asar hai ispar ek hi bhaari
Ye lo gaadi chali hamari

Zook Zook Zook Zook
Zook Zook Zook Zook

Finally Alia hands over Vicco Paste to someone standing on the railway platform.

VO. 50% of india is facing gum problems

100% working solution on gum problems is Vicco Vajradanti.

India Ka Gum Expert

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